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Designer Manure: Customizing Manure Nutrients to Meet Crop Needs
After storage and handling, animal manures typically do not have crop nutrient ratios of N, P, and K that meet crop needs. This means that at least one nutrient will often be over- or under-applied. But what if we could create 'designer' manures to meet these needs? Organomineral fertilizers will be discussed along with ways to blend commercial fertilizers with manure in the 'do it yourself' fashion. The webinar will end with a perspective from the custom organic fertilizer industry.

Feb 21, 2020 01:30 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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Paulo Pagliari
Associate Professor @University of Minnesota
Paulo Pagliari’s research is focused on gaining a better understanding of the relationship between soil fertility status and soil biological processes and how their interaction affects crop yield on both conventional and organic cropping systems. His extension programming helps him share new information generated by his research conducted in Southwest Minnesota. He is an Associate Professor in the Soil Water and Climate Department at the University of Minnesota. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Email: pagli005@umn.edu
Blaize Holden
Vice President of Operations @Sustane Natural Fertilizer
Blaize Holden is the Vice President of Operations for Sustane Natural Fertilizer, an organic fertilizer manufacturer located in Cannon Falls, MN. He has a B.S. degree in International Business from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Blaize has led the composting and manufacturing operation for Sustane since 2006 and has had the opportunity to work with suppliers of organic nutrient and soil amendments from all over the world. Email: blaize@sustane.com
Glen Arnold
Associate Professor @The Ohio State University
Glen Arnold is an Associate Professor with The Ohio State University and serves as an Field Specialist in the area of Manure Nutrient Management Application. While in Putnam county as an extension agent, he began research trials on using liquid manure to top-dress wheat and sidedress corn. His research goal is to move livestock producers toward applying manure during the crop growing season instead of the late fall, thus helping to reduce the amount of P and N entering Lake Erie. Email: arnold.2@osu.edu