Eric S. Yuan
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Aparna Bawa
General Counsel
Roy Benhorin
Head of Finance
Nick Chong
Head of Global Services
Oded Gal
Head of Product Management
Greg Holmes
Head of Sales
Brendan Ittelson
Head of Technical Support
Sunil Madan
Head of Business Services
Jim Mercer
Head of Customer Success
Harry D. Moseley
Chief Information Officer
Laura Padilla
Head of Business Development and Channels
Marta Paul
Head of Human Resources
Janine Pelosi
Head of Marketing
Jeff Schwartz
Head of Enterprise Sales
Kelly Steckelberg
Chief Financial Officer
Horizons Ventures
Sequoia Capital
Independent Board Member
CEO & Founder, Zoom
Independent Board Member
Independent Board Member
Independent Board Member
Partner, Emergence Capital
CIO, VMware
Angel Investor
CEO, Pure Storage
Group Executive Vice President, CIO & CISO Rakuten Inc.
Founder, AME Cloud Ventures
Sr. Vice President and CIO, Palo Alto Networks
Chairman and CEO, NantWorks
Chief Strategy Officer, RingCentral
Co-founder and former CEO, Webex