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Prairie Corridor Summer Seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Jacob Harvey
I just had one question, since we know Lincoln’s population and housing is growing towards the south and southwest, the two WMA’s in Lincoln: Conestoga and Yankee Hill, are on the doorstep of this growth. It’s weird hunting this close to housing, and I’m guessing the houses are slowly going to envelop these areas. Has there been any work between Lincoln Parks and Rec and NGPC to provide buffer zones to those areas, or are those areas going to have expected changes in hunting regulations?
Sara Hartzell
City and County zoning both regulate development adjacent to public hunting lands. NGPC reviews all development applications with this in mind. The current buffer is 300 yards between hunting areas and residential or animal shelters. However, the existance of hunting areas does not preclude residential development
Sara Hartzell
Sorry - i don't have the ability to talk!
Ramona Sky
For what it's worth, I am a minority and low income. Others of us in this group may be as well. Perhaps among ourselves is a good place to open that discussion with transparency and humility.
Aaron Druery
this is Denton Prairie; burned last fall. PPRI seeding five years ago.
Jacob Harvey
While not tall grass, Sandhills.