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League of Women Voters - Shared screen with speaker view
Kate High
Question: Why does our nonpartisan legislature suffer from partisan division? What can be done to make the Unicameral less partisan?
Chris Snurr
Unfortunately, part of the problem is the amount of money needed to win an election. The less the political parties work together the more combative they get, and the more money they pour into the election process. The more money the higher the motivation to win at all costs both the election and in making laws.
Charlyne Berens
What role have term limits played in making the Unicameral more partisan?
AND special interests that lobby for a particular, often commercially or ideologically-based "interest."
Mercadies Damratowski
How do we encourage people to move away from hyper-partainship in our city/town governments , and in the rural part of the state
RankTheVote Nebraska
Thank you for this informative presentation and agree nonpartisanship is so important to success of Unicameral. How can the 2nd House best work with the Senators to ensure creating best legislation on behalf of all Nebraskans, independent of political ideology?
As an example of what I believe is a common interest among all cultures, how do you, as Speaker and state legislator, look at the "Mother's Room" in a non-partisan matter, and how can it be interpreted, if at all, as a partisan issue?
Teri Hlava
But don't you think it can work in reverse re term limits, that adversarial relationships and polarization can get a fresh breath with new senators coming in?
Larry Bolinger
You'll always get some sort of partisan division. In Nebraska we have 4 parties and they have their own agenda. But going from a 2 house system to a 1 house system did decrease the disputes between parties. Keeping nonpartisan in our election helps decrease that division. But the different parties, PAC's, interest groups or lobbyist that work for the different interest groups can create some division. But differences on policies is a good thing so we are able to argue a bill to make sure it is a good fit for Nebraskans.
Kristen Dupree
The Redistricting process is top of mind for most. Unfortunately, this process was not free from partisan influence. The legislative districts in Lancaster County violate multiple guidelines from LR134. Do you think we could have ended up with a legislative map that produced more equal and fair representation for the citizens of Lincoln, if the special session was extended by a week?
Term limits are evidence of a lazy, uninvolved electorate. Let's fix that!
Rachel M. Gibson
Although the advocacy and lobbying organizations you listed are non partisan, they are often talked about by Senators on the floor and in public, as “shadow organizations,” the League included. Although you and some other Senators may be open to that, how to set the time/set the example for other Senators?
Mike Hilgers
Nathan Leach
Nonpartisan Nebraska Websitewww.NPNebraska.org (website is under construction – currently directs to FB Page)Nathan Leach – director@npnebraska.orgSign up: bit.ly/nonpartnesignupNebraska Legislative Websitehttps://nebraskalegislature.gov/Copy of Legislative Rules from 1937 – 2021 – Google Drive Resourcehttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BTk4K0uQqLRRQniqMhIEz6lEorbdF93a?usp=sharing“One House” by Charlyne Berenshttps://www.amazon.com/One-House-Unicamerals-Progressive-Nebraska/dp/0803262337
MaryLee Moulton (she, her)
Thanks Nathan and Speaker Hilgers. See you when the new session starts in January.
Nathan Leach
Nathan Leach email director@npnebraska.org
Rachel M. Gibson
Thank you both for sharing your time and perspective.
Karen Dienstbier/ she, her, hers
Charlyne, could the speakers receive the questions and email answers back and you could send to all of us the answer?