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Christopher Bilder's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Asya Macon
Why would a smaller SSE be important for the RCB?
Jared Soundy
So we should use alpha_E in place of alpha_i to judge any hypothesis? What place does alpha_i have?
Samantha Wagner
when would it be beneficial to use the LSD method over the other two?
Jackson Ebbers
I'm still confused about when to use factor() in the formula of aov(). Could you clear that up a bit?
Cyril Ayuk
When do you use each of the methods for multiple comparison?
Margaret Pandis
When you draw the lines & letters to graphically show which means are the same/different, is there an R-code or should we just draw a line in Word or paint?
Jackson Ebbers
That helps Thanks!
Sara Hopkins
How is confidence interval length for the difference of two means impacted by using RCB versus CRD?
Cyril Ayuk
From Yesterday's lab we saw that the Bonferonni method is stricter whereas Tukey"s HSD gave a better estimate of the experiment wise error rate. That made me think Tukey is the best of 3. Is that assumption correct?
Jared Soundy
Do we implement those the long way?