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Leveraging Student Feedback: The Power of Formative Surveys - Shared screen with speaker view
Clyde Davis
How do you find the ITS menu of technology education?
McKinzie Sutter
Here is one resource for ITS technology education -- https://its.unl.edu/services/itskills/
Clyde Davis
Is there a time NOT to do a survey? I have an exam scheduled and the survey would seem to fit naturally after the exam. But if I do that, will there be student response bias based on their level of difficulty with the material on the exam. Thoughts?
Jeff Kosse
I will address some of that in my portion of the workshop, I think.
Steven Cain
I think you could raise a question or two that directly addresses their reactions to the test and then questions that generalize it to ask about the rest of the course.
Steven Cain
Definitely Jeff’s portion will help talk about the different questions that are appropriate in different contexts.
Becky Buller
Thank you for sharing!